Our Story

I’m Cindy, of Cindy’s Suds and I am so grateful that you're a part of the Cindy’s Suds family! I’m a physician assistant turned business owner, a mom and a wife. I never set out to start a company, but purely to help my son. My son was born with extremely sensitive skin + struggled with eczema that grew increasingly worse as he got older. We tried every lotion, salve and steroid cream, and found no solution. Despite my training in conventional medicine, I couldn’t bear the thought of slathering my son with creams filled with toxins + chemicals any longer.

That is when I set out to create skin care products that would be all natural, toxic + chemical free, and most importantly safe to use in my home. Through trial and error, I made soaps, body butter, and salve that actually worked (and majorly helped) on my son's sensitive skin, and the rest of my family loved it as well.

That same passion I had in those early days, has fueled my company's passion to continue to create natural bath, body + home products that are all natural, safe, affordable + effective for every family.

It’s hard for me to imagine that what began as a mom looking for a solution for her child, by mixing + creating in her kitchen, has turned into Cindy’s Suds. But I am so grateful for this journey, and I fully believe that if our products can help our family, it can help yours as well.



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