Our Story

I never set out to start a company, just to help my son.

Our story began like so many other stories…with necessity being the mother of invention.

Our son was born with very sensitive skin that worsened as he grew into his toddler years. His eczema was so severe, he would wake up with bloody legs from scratching in his sleep. Despite being trained in conventional medicine as a physican assistant, it became unacceptable for me to think of slathering steroid cream on my toddler.

I was determined to make skin care products that would be natural, safe and chemical free. I started making soap, salve and body butter for him and the rest of our family. It actually helped. A lot. His skin began to improve using our non-toxic, plant based products and the rest of our family's skin became healthier as well.

My passion in those early days has carried through in our company's passion to continue creating natural products that are safe, effective and affordable for families. We believe if our products can help our family to have healthier skin, it can help yours.

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