Hey there!
I’m Cindy and I'd love to introduce myself! I’m a Physician Assistant turned small business owner, a mom and a wife. I never set out to start a company, but purely to help my son. One of my boys had extremely sensitive skin when he was a baby and struggled with patches of eczema that grew increasingly worse as he got into his toddler years. We tried every lotion, cream and salve, including topical steroids, but nothing helped. Despite my training in conventional medicine, I couldn’t bear the thought of slathering my son in creams filled with toxins and chemicals and knew there had to be a better way to treat his delicate skin.

I started experimenting with different oils, butters and herbs in hopes of creating something I could safely use on his skin. After much trial and error, I developed a few winning formulas. I was surprised how well his body responded to my homemade concoctions and the healthy skin that ensued. I quickly realized that I needed to share my discovery with other families who wanted to use natural products on their children and family as well. Thus, Cindy's Suds was born.

The same urgency I had in those early days continues to fuel my passion to   create natural bath, body and home products today. We have added many products over the years that align with our core value of offering natural and healthy solutions for common items we use everyday.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that what began with me trying to create a safer and healthier solution for treating my baby's eczema has turned into a thriving small business. I am so grateful for this journey and completely believe that our products can help your family just as much as they have helped ours.