Have you heard what folks are saying about Cindy's Suds? Read on, then drop us a line to tell us what you think of our products!

  • "I absolutely love the Healing Salve! It has a soft, natural, non-greasy texture and feels so soft on my baby's bottom. It smells great, too, and heals up any diaper rash that my daughter gets. WAY better than that white, greasy stuff I got at my baby shower!" 
    Becky from Lowell, MI
  • "With my first 2 children, I used Destin or Bag Balm for diaper rashes. With my 3rd, I have used nothing but your Diaper Balm and I can't tell you how much better it works! Thank you so much for making such a fabulous product! We’ve also used it for chapped hands, cheeks, etc..."
    Kelly from Ada, MI
  • "I LOVE the Diaper Balm! I use cloth diapers and I'm so thankful to have an all natural diaper balm for my little ones. It works so well! I just smear a little on at the first sign of irritation and it's usually gone by the next diaper change. I also love it for dry chapped hands and cheeks too! And it smells AWESOME!! 
    Shannon from Allendale, MI
  • "I bought some of your Healing Salve at a show and it has done wonders for my son's skin!." 
    Jill from Grand Rapids, MI
  • "The Healing Salve is incredibly soothing with great ingredients - very nice for dry, cracked winter skin." Marian from Somers, NY
  • "I use the Body Butter every day. The scents are wonderful, I can't seem to decide which is my favorite! In the dry winter weather, my hands get so chapped - I love the way the cream moisturizes my hands & elbows, and I love the fact that it is all natural and home-made. A MUST for anyone."
    Rebecca from Lowell, MI
  • "My clients and I love the Soaps. It's important to me to work with independent vendors who are reliable, professional, and make quality products affordable. A perfect fit!"
    Andrea from Chicago, IL
  • "Both my husband and I use your Soap. I love the scented fragrances and the fact that the soap is natural. My husband was skeptical at first but now he will use nothing else - he has sensitive skin. I also really like the Body Butter - again I enjoy the different fragrances and the fact it goes on the skin so smoothly."
    Judy from Farmington Hills, MI
  • "After switching from store bought soap to Cindy's Suds, I began to notice how my metallic soap rack began to get its shine back! Not only was your Soap not leaving behind any scummy residue, but it actually helped clean up the gunk left behind by my previous bars! It makes you think twice about what kind of residue that stuff leaves behind on your skin. No more soap scum here!"
    Kathy from Mesquite, TX
  • "I love your Soaps!"
    Marilyn from Grand Rapids, MI
  • "Cindy, I really love your Soap. I received it on Friday and started using it on Saturday. Talk about bubbles! Very nice and leaves even my face feeling clean and soft. Also, thanks for the little sample! Nice touch."
    Tina from Etsy
  • "Love the Soap! Smells great and gives me that squeaky clean without drying out. Thank you! "
    Cyndi from Mesquite, TX
  • "The Body Butter is wonderful!" 
    Rita from Lansing, MI
  • "Great Soaps! Thank you! "
    Maria from Allendale, MI
  • "My kids love the Honey Almond Soap - and I feel good having them use a natural product."
    Suzanne from South Lyon, MI
  • "Your Body Butter is GREAT!"
    Diane from Lansing, MI