Dear Mom,

madeline Murphy
Hey mama, maybe you didn’t get a letter this year, maybe they are too little to write you one, your child is no longer with you, or you are in a tough place with your kids. Regardless of the reason, know this. Mom-ing? It’s a hard and holy job. And you’re doing it amazingly, day by day, step by step… you’re forming your kids into the people they will be. And even if they can’t or won’t say it now… these words are for you.

Dear Mom,

Happy Mothers Day. I wish I didn’t wait until a day like today, to tell you all the things I admire about you, all the reasons I love you, and all the ways I have been changed because of the mom you are to me. You deserve to hear these things everyday - so even when I’m quiet and moody, or it’s been a minute since you’ve seen me… know these things are true.

Mama, the safest place I’ve ever been and ever will be, is in your arms. Those arms that rocked me as a baby, comforted me when I was sick, and held me as I experienced my first heartbreak… that’s my safe place. Mama you taught me what it means to not take life too seriously. Thank you for being full of joy, and not allowing the “little things” to be deal breakers and for teaching me that there is always a time for fun.

Thank you for the things you do for me that no one ever sees, and I will never know about. For daily laying your preferences, plans, to-do list, and phone aside… just to be present with me. Your time is what I crave more than anything. You are my greatest confidant, my sounding board, the only one who will fully listen to my long winded stories.

Thank you for letting me learn. Learn my lesson, learn who I am, learn what I believe. You have given me the freedom to learn about this whole “life thing” on my own. But mom, your voice is what guided me the whole time I learned my way.

Thank you for teaching me what it looks like to be strong. To stand firm and full of faith, even when circumstances threaten to overwhelm you. You are the strongest woman I know, and because of your strength, I too have strength.

Mama, whether it’s state lines, oceans, or graves and galaxies that separate us… know that I will never be too far from your love. Because the way we love each other Mom?  It’s seeped from our hearts, into our very bones.

Happy Mothers Day Mom.

I love you.

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