Benefits of Soaking in Salts

Benefits of Soaking in Salts

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Think that taking a bath with Dead Sea or Epsom Salt sounds too extravagant? Think again. Soaking in a tub with Dead Sea and/or Epsom Salt has many therapeutic benefits you may not be aware of. Plus it's easier than you think to get the goodness of these amazing minerals into your body with the many Cindy's Suds products that contain them.

Recently, I was asked to talk about the benefits of soaking and taking baths on - My West Michigan. (Thanks again, Jennifer Pascua!) If you missed that clip, you can watch it here.

I put together a helpful rundown of some of the benefits you can expect to receive by soaking in salts. Remember, soak in warm (not hot) water for at least 20 minutes, which is about how long it takes for the molecular transfer to occur through your skin. 

 Dead Sea Salt

  • Dead Sea salt has been harvested from the Dead Sea for thousands of years and is renowned around the world for its therapeutic and healing properties.
  • Dead Sea salt is unique because it contains 21 important minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, potassium, and zinc – all easily absorbed through the skin.
  • The benefits of Dead Sea salt are many, including:
    • Calms Skin Allergies
      • The rich magnesium and bromide content can help soothe the skin from allergenic elements.
    • Heals Eczema
      • Warm baths with Dead Sea salt can exfoliate dead cells and flakes, which soothes the itch of eczema and relieves pain.
    • Purifies Pores
      • Dead Sea salt drives out dirt in pores, and can gently remove unwanted bacteria.
    • Hydrates the Skin
      • The salt can improve your skin’s lipid barrier and help to regulate the oils in your skin.
    • Improves Blood Circulation
      • The salt draws blood to the skin’s surface, which encourages the release of toxins and promotes healing.
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Epsom Salt

  • Epsom salts were said to have been discovered in the late middle ages, when a farmer in Epsom, England found that the bitter, mineral-rich water was able to soothe and heal various skin wounds. 
  • Epsom salts are composed primarily of magnesium and sulfate.
  • Benefits:
    • Easily Absorbed
      • Epsom salt is best absorbed through the skin.
    • Improves Overall Health
      • When absorbed, the salt can decrease stress, improve nerve function, improve digestion, provide relief from muscle pain, improve oxygen use, balance electrolytic levels, and other health benefits.
    • Gentle Exfoliator
      • Epsom salt is an gentle yet effective exfoliator for the skin, as it removes dead skin cells, without drying out the skin.
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Understanding and knowing the benefits of certain ingredients can change what products we use, even when doing something as simple as taking a bath. At Cindy’s Suds, we are careful to provide you and your family with 100% natural choices that nourish and feed your skin. We stand by our ingredients and want to be a resource to you by providing safe and effective products for your bath, body and home.

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Ava Murphy
Ava Murphy
It did catch my attention when you said that dead sea salt can soothe the skin from allergenic elements because it is rich in magnesium and bromide. My daughter has been having skin rashes these past few days because her skin allergy is getting triggered. I can see how difficult it is for her to get a good sleep because of her itchy skin, so I will make sure to consider shopping for sea salt.

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